Building of Kitchen Exhaust Ventilation System

Being the market leader, Three60 System aims to design and custom made each individual system to the needs of our customers and at the same time adhering to the rules and regulations. Below are the various agencies and their regulations which needs to be compliance to:

  • NEA (National Environmental Agency) – SS 553 formerly known as Code of Practice on Environmental Health (CP13)
  • SCDF (Singapore Civil Defence Force) – Chapter 7

Over at Three60 System, we ensure that we are ALWAYS updated with the latest compliances to ensure that your system meets the requirements for your operations. We do not only ensure that the system is met with regulations, we also take into consideration our client needs and worries.
In the trusted hands of Three60, we build the exhaust system considering the factors below:

  • Sizing of the Kitchen Exhaust Hood – This is determined by the Kitchen Equipment used. Hence, our experienced team of professionals will work very closely together with your kitchen equipment supplier to ensure this.
  • Sizing of Kitchen Exhaust Ductworks and Exhaust Fan- As each individual system has its own uniqueness, there is no fixed sizes for the ductworks, exhaust fans and motor capacity. Calculations are done based on guidelines provided by SS553 formerly known as CP13 to ensure that your system serves you at its best performance. Three60 has a team of Professionals Engineers (PE) and Qualified Professionals (QP) to present the calculations for submissions to FSSD (Fire Safety Shelter Department)
  • Accessibility for Future Maintenance- This is very vital to all owners as maintenance of the kitchen exhaust system plays a very huge role when operations of the business kicks in. Three60 not only ensures that the system build is compliance, we also ensure that our client will not face difficulties for their maintenance of the exhaust system. In short, Three60 does it all.
    With that, we strongly believe that our Team of trained members are able to solve all of our clients Kitchen Exhaust related issues.
    So why hesitate? Contact our Team of Professionals for a free consultation service now!
Kitchen Exhaust Build Up
Kitchen Exhaust Build Up2

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