An exhaust hood filter is a necessary and required for any commercial restaurant kitchen to operate smoothly, safely and efficiently. The hood filter is the first layer of protection in any restaurant’s grease containment and exhaust ventilation system. All operating kitchens must utilize commercial hood filters that meet the regulations of the National Environment Agency (NEA).Hood filters capture airborne grease, smoke, steam, heat, odors, and other substances that are produced during cooking under the hood. Without the proper hood filter, your kitchen will be filled with airborne particles you don’t want your staff breathing! The vent hood filter also blocks flames and flammable debris from entering into your ductwork system, preventing a major fire hazard. By having a more efficient and durable exhaust hood filter, you will benefit from a cleaner, safer kitchen.

Exhaust Hood1
Exhaust hood2
Grease Cup1
Grease Cup 2

Grease Cup/Tray

Grease Cup is commonly known as the grease “container” hung at the corners of the exhaust hood to collect excess oil dripping from the hood surfaces.The grease tray is also installed along the ductworks (where necessary) and beneath the exhaust fan. It is named as the grease tray as it looks alike the normal tray. It serves the same purpose as the grease cup from the exhaust hood.It can be maintained by your staff by just pouring out the grease inside and installing it back again in a snap of your fingers. It is a necessity as it prevents the oil from dripping to your cooking stove to avoid contamination to the food or cooking equipment. It also prevents dripping to the ground to prevent slippery floor which may in turn become a hazard to your staff who walks around the kitchen daily.

Hood Lamp1
Hood Lamp3

Kitchen Exhaust Hood Lamp

Proper lighting is essential to any commercial cooking operation. Our exhaust hood lights are designed to meet the rigors of a commercial kitchen. By installing adequate lighting in your cooking area, you will improve the working environment and help ensure the safety of your staff.

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