Kitchen Ventilation System

A Kitchen Exhaust Ventilation System’s sole purpose is to remove all food related vapors that would otherwise flood a kitchen, and eventually seep into the restaurant’s dining room. That makes a proper ventilation system a key component in ensuring a pleasant and positive dining experience.Kitchen Exhaust Ventilation System presents the problems of grease, smoke and odours not usually found in other ventilation systems.

A simple exhaust ventilation system diagram is illustrated as below

Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning - Kitchen Exhaust Diagram

An adequate kitchen exhaust ventilation system should achieve the following objectives:

  • Remove smoke from the cooking source
  • Remove excess hot air such that the ventilation within the kitchen is sufficient.
  • Providing sufficient air (supply air) to prevent prolonged health issues to the people inside the kitchen.
  • Accessible for easy maintenance to adhere to SCDF regulations.
  • Be noise-free and less vibration to the ductworks adhering to NEA regulations
  • Ensure minimal odour emitting from the exhaust discharge which may in turn cause nuisance to the public (NEA regulations)

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